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PGA Professional Courtesy Top 100 UK

Value for Money, PGA? Pfff.
I hear very often through various mediums that PGA professionals in the UK sometimes question what value they get for their subscription fees. Yes, there are online resources, monthly magazines, insurance and a free yearly diary but apart from that.
I believe, deep down in most professionals there is a player who either still does or did enjoy playing the game of golf and riding out some of the good times and many of the bad. Following that assumption I have contacted all of Golf Monthly's Top 100 Golf Courses of 2015/2016 to see how they assist the players in the professionals to experience some of the best the UK has to offer. 
Not all responded or were available to confirm or deny what they could offer but here is a good sized list of what the PGA professionals of the UK can take advantage of but firstly the golden rules.
Courtesy Golf - The Rules
1. Take your own PGA ID card that is valid and in one piece. This is a must. 2. Book in advance, some courses …

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