Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ping Anser 2012 Driver - 5 years too late?

Okay so firstly I see that Ping have brought out or are in the process of releasing the new Ping Anser Driver which will replace the G20. This worries me slightly.

As I look at the driver I must admit the styling of the club is a vast improvement on anything they have released before. The dynamic looks and matt black paint finish make this a very aesthetically pleasing club... From beneath. The view from above though is the typical half moon ping shape we have seen since the G5 and its a Ping preference. This doesn't please my eye but it may be to your liking.

Ping are saying this is there tuneable driver but what does it really offer? It's very similar to the Sure fit system Titleist offer but much simpler as it offers variations in loft by 0.5 degrees. Increasing loft slightly sets the face open and decreasing the loft closes the face slightly. Now I ask can this simply be done by tweaking the ball position. Simple terms yes but this is so that ball position need not change. Can you adjust the shape? Nah... No weight heel / toe options like the Taylor Made offerings.

Basically they sell the ability to change loft and change shafts with four stock offerings; Fuji Blur, Diamana 'Ahina, Aldila Phenom, and a Ping offering. They state changing the loft will adjust the spin rate and launch angle but it's something Titleist and Taylor Made are doing well and they offer more options of customisation. Why would you choose the Ping?

I can't answer this as I cannot see the retail price being better than what you can pick an R11 or 910 D up for. 

Also Ping are still offering Webfit which amazes me. Yes in the 90's many followed the measuring of finger tips to ground, and hand size charts to engineer a perfectly custom fit set of clubs but now we know that this is all well and good but what we really need is optimised launch angles, spin rates, spin angles, and these 3 options of degree changes and a Webfit to earn a Jumbo grip are leaving the once Custom Fit Kings as a shadow thought.

Also a comparison on the chart Ping provide show the club to be Less forgiving, Lower trajectory, and Lower Spin compared to the G20 and all but the club head shape an i20 with a face lift and novelty hosel.

If I see this in a golfers bag I'm sorry but I will shake my head and once again think 'Who ever sold the golfer that club was on a commission drive by Ping.' because believe me they happen. (Sell 5 XXX driver's receive £XX or X dozen balls).

Mike B

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