Sunday, 21 October 2012

Titleist 913 D3 Review

So, I managed to have a 30-40 minute Trackman assisted side by side comparison with my current Titleist 910D3 and the new 913D3 and my thoughts and opinions are here for your consumption. I don't have any pics but the Trackman data will be available at a later date when I get it emailed from my friend at Titleist and I will no doubt share.


Titleist have stepped this years model into 2013 very well. It makes the 910 look almost retro. The sharp red line on the sole and the newer shaped weighting system make the 913 look great but this does nothing for play-ability it's just refashioned to create people who have something good want to swap for something prettier. When you place the club behind the ball I would say the new 913D3 looks slightly larger but it's very hard to tell side by side. Personally it isn't a great difference between them and you will not be shocked like playing a 907.


Titleist have pulled off something here with a reassuringly solid sound. The 910 sounded solid but never really sounded great. The 913 just has that slightly more solid sound at impact more so that I could appreciate it when others hit the 913. The only thing I will say is that I was hitting from a bay and this may have enhanced the sound but when my friend hit the 910 side by side the sound wasn't something that stood out.

Performance and Distance

So this is the ultimate decider generally. Well I'm sorry to say guys that the 913 is longer when miss -hit. Now I couldn't measure this with impact tape because it lowers spin rate and for me adds significant yards but when I hit a shot of the slight toe the Titleist 913 was only 6-9 yards shorter than a good shot, and 10-12 yards shorter than a 'oh god that is huge' drive. The older 910 that I use regularly would lose 10-12 yards on the slight toe, and 13-17 yards if I compare the slight toe to the 'nailed it' drive. What about middle vs middle? Well through the testing the setup for me was the same shaft and grip just swapping the head. 

9.5 Titleist 910D3, V2-66 S shaft, Set at C1 vs 9.5 Titleist 913D3, V2-66 S, Set at C1

Longest Drive:

910 D3, 297 yards, Clubhead speed: 119.8 mph
913 D3, 303 yards, Clubhead speed: 120.1mph

Average Drive:

910 D3, 274 yards
913 D3, 278 yards

I hit 10 Balls with each after warming up treating each shot as a 'game shot' so to keep the testing realistic.

Bad-Bad Strike:

910 D3, 258 yards
913 D3, 265 yards


Would I change to a 913D3?

Well I may have positive numbers here but I don't think in realistic terms I would see the difference and in reality I strike the driver reasonably well. The thing I find is that advertising has us buying things we don't need and I certainly believe that the Titleist 913 is a solid performer but it's not ground breaking. I don't need it in my life and it will not give me an advantage in realistic terms so I will save the money for now but when I feel my club is tiring I will purchase a 913 happily. All I'm saying is it's not so spectacular that playing a 910 will put you at a disadvantage.

If you are playing an older golf club Pre-2006 then this is a space age step, but for anyone playing the 910 do not expect jaw-dropping results.

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Mike B