Saturday, 22 February 2014

Titleist 915 D2 D3 D4

So, we are on the border line of the 8-9 months prior to the 915 being revealed following the timeline of previous years, so it's time I highlight my opinion on what I'd like to see from the Titleist line up.

The thing with Titleist is they stick very closely to a proven recipe outside of the rare Titleist 907 beast and that recipe works... Generally. 

Titleist have a reputation in the wood department of creating very solid clubs that perform very well but I must admit from what I've tried and seen in many better players bags at an amateur level is that guys are switching to Taylor Made's very good SLDR, Callaway's Optiforce/Razor Extreme (and I speculate Big Bertha Alphas) and even Ping with the Anser.

Therefore I question will Titleist excite enough people outside of the loyalists to stir demand or will they lose further market share to the above?

Here is what I'd like to see:

Keep the surefit

Titleist will earn a lot of respect if they can manage to keep for 6 years a hosel that will work from the 910 to 915. Loyalists will feel this is a 1up over Taylor Made boys and therefore capitalise on shafts from previous years.

Keep the traditional looks and dark paint

It works well in all conditions and the Red White Black combination suits the eye, it doesn't scream or shout like some gimmicky TM club but it has that feel of class about it.

Keep the high quality headcovers

It's important that if the product is in the bag 2+ years the Headcover can last that length. Some of the old 975 and 983 headcovers lasted a season whereas the 913 had a feel of quality that felt deserving of the owners money. Thank you Titleist, thank you.

Keep the crown clean

You have done a great job over the years of avoiding loud go faster stripes. Keep it that way.

Keep the solid reassuring sound paired with consistency across the face and a great line up of shafts

By all accounts a Titleist has a reassuring solid thud and it's been that way for a long time since the 975D. They may make the face thinner but they never make it tin like Cobra-esque and we thank you for that. The clubs have also had the ability to hit them slightly off centre and not have a ridiculous gear effect that caused a big hook (TM R1). Also the standard and up charge shafts provided rarely disappoint and that is something that puts other rival brands to shame.

Wishlist Titleist


The recipe for the D2 and D3 works although arguably they do fall closer together with the 912 than the 910. Why not go a little crazy and create an 'Anser' style low spin, small headed machine? It's embarrassing knowing you have a solid driving game except into the wind when you fall 30 yards back of where a low spin shot would be.

The D4 could be the one that gets guys to give up the SLDR's and the Alphas and try a Titleist that penetrates like the 975D with a X100 and 8.5 loft hitting a Proffesional 100 (those were the days).

Think about it Titleist, it will get us guys talking again.

Mike B

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