Titleist 915 F Patent - 915 D2 D3 to use Taylor Made technology?

It is known that Taylor Made have a very active R&D department and it tends to appear that other major brands watch then follow. Not always but often. Well it may have happened again.

A leaked patent requested by Titleist shows a fairway wood display similar design qualities of that of a Adams or Taylor Made.

As you can see above there looks to be a 'speed slot' both on the crown and sole.

Also a patent is requested of which little can be guessed in the way the sole weight is fixed. This appears to be a Driver, possibly the D2 or D3.

Is this Titleist's version of the Big Bertha Alpha? Is the weight there to adjust the COG rather than the swing weight?

The patents are vague but one thing is for sure... The fairway wood seems a little different. Not as 'Titleist playing it classic and safe' but not as extreme as the 907 (thankfully).

Hope this is new to you,

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Mike B


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