5 Things you learn as a Golf Professional.

Here is a quick 5 point list of what you learn as soon as you leave your amateur status at home.

1. What Do You Mean, 1 Ball Rule?

That's right, as soon as you turn Pro then these 'Conditions of Competitions' apply, one of which is the make and model ball that you start a round with you must use for the full round.

That means no playing a Titleist on the 1st and a Srixon on the 5th. It also extends to no playing a Titleist 2013 Pro V1 on the first and a Titleist 2015 Pro V1 on the 3rd. It has to be the same make, same model, same design.

Wow, that means stock up on either what you like, or what you can afford a dozen of!

2. You want it to Rain!!

That is right, gone are the days you pray for sunshine in summer. Now you are hoping for that old downpour to give you time to sit by the heater, load up your laptop and to update you schedule for the year, start an assignment or just have a break for a cup of tea.

3. Your stroke Average has gone up 4 shots.

It happens to the best, the most dedicated. For some reason hitting balls and chipping at the place you've spent a gruesome 12 hours at in the shop doesn't appeal to you, yet the sofa and Netflix does.

It starts skipping a range session, followed by not putting on the shop floor and finally you realise 4 weeks have passes and you aren't sure if the clubs are in your car or at home.

The Struggle is Real!

4. You develop a love / hate relationship with Social Media

It starts off as it left off as an amatuer golfer, only you may expand social circles into groups to further your golfing knowledge... or so you expect.

Everyone has an opinion, haters appear, if you read good advice then two comments down someone will contradict it and belittle it. There are also people you will never meet that you wish would fall off the Earth.

5. Assignments - Get them done straight away.

The assignments are generally released in October, with some not due till March the following year yet many of your friends will have excuses for not completing the assignment.

If you fail an assignment it is a world of hurt, re-submitting modules whilst catching up on others, trying to study for exams, playing and practicing for tournaments.

Basically, we are gave assignments with plenty of time its just hard to motivate yourself but whilst its dark and wet in winter it is essential to pump them out.

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