Taylor Made R15 430 Long Term Review - 5 Things

So following a season with the R15 430 as my 'Gamer' here are my 5 thoughts.

1. It Launches Higher than the 430 SLDR

I always had the SLDR 430 set on 12 in a 10.5 head and it was high and flat flying.

On my first competition with the 430 R15 I matched the set-up and wow, it launches higher. Over the course of the season I know have the 430 set at 9.5 degrees and it plays perfectly. If you had the 430 SLDR, expect to loft down!

2. It's more User Friendly

I 100% agree that this is the friendliest TM driver I've used.

Gone are the toe hooks that plagued the R1 and the SLDR 430. This club offers the most forgivness I've seen from a 430cc head driver. You can also spread the weights for even more forgiveness... praise the lord!

3. The stock TP shaft is actually decent

I had mine delivered with an Speeder Evo Tour Spec and it performed well, very well. I did however swap it for my trusty Matrix Black Tie 7M3 but I then sold the Evo shaft for £70 to a friend.

Better the devil you know but when I tried it, the feel, performance and flex felt very good. Worth of the TP upcharge.

4. The Headcover Works

Initially there was several people complaining about the oven glove appearance of the R15 headcover BUT I feel it performs very well. I've experienced no scratches or marks on the club and not yet had it fall off like other brand 'socks'.

5. Distance

The distance, yes, Boom! I've found once set up correctly I really peaked my distances achieving some long drives but what was noticeably up was my driving average. The poorer strikes still harpooned straight and with speed so I found myself playing shorter shots more often. I'me very impressed.


This driver is the real deal! I know the M1 430 is avaialable now but I am so impressed by Taylor Mades R15 that I don't feel the need to stray just yet.


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